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Army Commando War 2


Army Commando War 2, good game play with the classic continuity of Army Commando War. This time the war is with gangster mafia who is in the war zone and spreading terror with their crimes and criminal acts. So it is a mafia and terrorist activity as combined. You as a lone soldier in the city and army commando has lawful duty to bring peace to the city and be honoured of your country again. City and country now rely on you, army commando, and see towards your arm services.In last attacks from terrorists last year where you fought like a true army commando and killed them. Few of those gone underground and waited till good times and became gangster mafia and controlled the war zone. They spread their criminal and gangster mafia through the whole city and now they have become the power of the city. They rule most of land with their criminal activity and mafia acts.
* 10 addictive levels for fast, fun and long enjoyable gameplay!* Exciting controls make for a very great combat experience! * Highly optimised game size, for quick as lightning downloads and fast paced explosive action gameplay!* Quick download and fast game load time!